Focused on selling only the highest/freshest quality mushrooms to Restaurants and Chefs.

Stoney creek mushrooms

Our story

After several years in the restaurant development business, and the health supplement industry, the owners of the Family Farm known as Stoney Creek Mushrooms were on a new path to reach their goals for a healthier, more sustainable quality of life.

Their business backgrounds and career experiences have become the perfect complements to their passion and desire for offering the highest quality organic/gourmet mushrooms.

We focus on Chefs and Restaurants from a grow and supply perspective.  Chefs will find tremendous value in serving only the finest locally grown organic, gourmet mushrooms in Southeast Michigan.

The finest locally grown gourmet mushrooms. Trusted by award-winning restaurant chefs, health Food Retailers, and individuals alike.

From our farm to your table. We believe that one of the building blocks of a strong sense of self comes from the support of one’s community and showing neighbors the value of self-sustainment in agriculture.

Our organic mushroom blocks by which our mushrooms are grown are donated to local farmers as extremely high-valued compost after its use.

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